I find it difficult to get through to your call center. Why is it so difficult?

We apologize for the delay, and continue to strive for the best customer service possible. Each call requires a different amount of attention, sometimes taking more than just simple appointment scheduling. Please select the appropriate prompt to best direct your call. We also offer appointment scheduling online through our patient portal. Please do not use the portal for same day or emergency visits.

I requested an appointment on your patient portal and have not heard back yet.

While our patient portal is an added convenience for appointment making, we do ask that you allow 24-48 hours for a response. The patient portal should not be used for same day or emergency appointments.

I find it difficult to reach my doctor directly.

Our doctors see patients in the office throughout the day and are available by voicemail and by emails through our patient portal. All messages will be responded to on a timely basis. We can and will interrupt the doctor for emergencies.