Is the radiology equipment up-to-date?

Yes, all diagnostic imaging equipment currently in use at Scarsdale Medical Group is state of the art and at the forefront of industry standards.

Is the X-ray equipment digital?

Yes. All the radiology equipment used here at SMG is digital.

Who reads the exams?

All diagnostic imaging studies are read by an onsite by our board-certified radiologist.

How long does it take to obtain results?

Results for onsite diagnostic imaging studies are usually available for review by the ordering physician within 24 hours but may take up to 2 days.

For copies of Radiology IMAGES *available on CD only* (X-ray, CT scan, or Echocardiogram), please speak with your provider to request a disc and allow 48 hours for processing. There is a $10.00 flat fee per CD. (Payment for Radiology discs should be made directly to Scarsdale Medical Group).

Are the SMG X-ray staff licensed?

Yes, all Radiology Department technologists are registered and certified in their fields.