Stay Connected With Your Doctor:

Schedule a Virtual Visit Today!

In an effort to keep our community safe and protected, we are offering virtual care as an alternative to in-person office visits. A virtual visit is a convenient, safe and secure way to connect with your Scarsdale Medical Group physician without having to come into the office. Just like an in-person office visit, our doctors can diagnose a medical problem, recommend treatment and refill medications.

The virtual visit is easy – you can connect through your mobile device or a computer with a camera. The consultation will take about 15-30 minutes and your physician will be able to make a diagnosis, recommend treatment, and send prescriptions to your pharmacy just like they would during a normal office visit.

You can schedule a virtual appointment by contacting our office. You will be given an appointment time and instructions on how to access your session. While many issues that you have may lend themselves to a telehealth visit, some may still require an in-office evaluation. Your provider can make that determination during your virtual visit.

Get prepared for your upcoming virtual visit:

  • Select a quiet, private, comfortable and well-lit place for your visit
  • Plan to log in approximately 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to make sure the speakers and camera are functioning properly and you have a good internet connection
  • Just like any medical visit, make a list of your concerns and symptoms, have a list of current medications and prepare any questions you have ahead of your visit

  • Contact your doctor to determine if a virtual visit is appropriate for you. Call (914) 723-8100.